Artist Statement

My recent collages and sculptures are inspired by revelatory moments when the imaginary-visual and the material-haptic bump up against each other, instances when you perceive yourself as both connected to and removed from your own sense of corporeal being. 

In this work I often consider cloth and skin as metonymic. To me, cloth signifies notions of birth, death, rebirth, and experiences of life in between. Humans are born naked but are wrapped in cloth upon entering the social world, after exiting their mother’s bodies. Dead bodies are ritualistically wrapped in cloth during mourning ceremonies and in preservation rites such as mummification. The same stock of satin fabric could be used to sew a wedding dress, a christening gown, or the lining of a casket. Cloth can be used to swaddle or suffocate, constrain or comfort, celebrate or shame. I like the feelings and ideas that are sparked by these dichotomies.

Aspects of my process can be looked at much like a combination of stream of consciousness and constrained writing techniques. I find, produce, and manipulate source materials as I go, working within a fixed set of thematic constraints. These methods allow for an automatic processing of visual and visceral information on a semiotic level, an intuitive sense of sight that is both linked to and detached from our contemporary media experience.

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